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I suppose you’ve ended up here because you’re a little bit disappointed that it seems like you don’t have a place in the sustainability discussion. You want to be a bit better with your decisions regarding our place on the planet, but you don’t fit in with anyone else. There are hard core science blogs out there, but you want something for your lifestyle. There are eco-lifestyle blogs out there, but they mostly seem like shopping blogs. You find more of the personal blogs, but they can range from hippie to hipster, and since you’re a singleton, the mom-blogs aren’t helping either.
Where are you supposed to find the inspiration, suggestions, and support you need? Welcome. Have a seat. Grab a tea.

I’m CJ. I live in a medium size city. I rent a house by myself. I’m not married (but in a long term relationship). I have pets (2 cats, 1 rabbit). I don’t drive. I am also a scientist. I want to do the right thing for sustainability, because I feel like it’s the correct decision, but I also want to make the correct decision based upon science. I want facts. I want my personal changes to be because I can understand the science, not because of a Facebook meme that someone shared from an internet-famous person.

I am also lazy. I would like to make decisions that are long lasting: ones that I can put on autopilot. I’d like to have a go-to set of behaviors and things that are easy to do, use, implement and share. I am not going to sustain a behavior if it is something that I hate or isn’t working. (See? Lazy.)

I don’t expect this to be a wild ride, more like a plodding walk in the woods. Sometimes that is what is good for what ails you.


Transparency Note: Any Amazon links are affiliate links. Any sponsored posts will be notated accordingly, however opinions will be my own (i.e. if I test/review something, I will not be influenced, as a scientist, I have experience in not being swayed).